Did you know that after your death your brain can remain active for up to 12 minutes?


12 Minutes of Infinity tells the story of someone who has just died, and goes through the five stages of grief in the few minutes after death. The narrative composition by Mees van der Smagt researches the relationship that humans have with their own mortality, and how we cope with death.


Mees van der Smagt is a young composer, pianist, and maker. As an artist he makes without compromise, and works from both emotion and ratio. This creates a dynamic mix of lyrical, melancholic melodies and fiery, atonal grooves. His work experiments with the perception of time, and is always bold and surprising. For his newest work, 12 Minutes of Infinity, he is working together with his ensemble, to evoke new emotions within the listener, and to provoke a conversation about mortality, and how we deal with it.


12 Minutes of Infinity is an album by the Mees van der Smagt Esemble. It was released on the 21st of October. The CD cover is handmade out of recycled 12 Minutes-concert posters.

Vocals - Mees van Driel van Wageningen
Violin - Wouter Torringa
Cello - Reinout de Vey-Mestdagh
Piano - Mees van der Smagt


Composed by Mees van der Smagt
Recorded by Thomas Cochrane
Mixed and mastered by Martijn Vink
Original artwork by Evan Rouschop
Design by Mees van der Smagt

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1. The Ending
2. Denial
3. Anger
4. Bargaining
5. Depression
6. Acceptance
7. Requiem for Finity


Mees van der Smagt Ensemble
12 Minutes of Infinity - CD

Release date: 21st of October, 2022


Release date: 21st of October, 2022